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#70 - RESILIENCE: A Strength-Based Approach to Family Caregiving | Dr. Kimberly Fraser

September 14, 2022 Dr. Laurena White Season 5 Episode 70
Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!
#70 - RESILIENCE: A Strength-Based Approach to Family Caregiving | Dr. Kimberly Fraser
Show Notes

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised questions about the resilience of health care systems worldwide.

Caring for a family member with a chronic, debilitating, and/or end-stage disease often entails a high overload and significant psychosocial risks, but even more so when there is confinement to their home due to a global pandemic. COVID-19 has increased the strain on family caregivers due to the fear of infection. This situation has been exacerbated by the care and education of other dependents at home such as children with online classes. The well-being of caregivers is very important, so much so that it has been shown that a decrease in caregiver well-being means that the person being cared for may suffer more health crises. It is important to ensure that family caregivers have a good capacity for resilience and well-being, to prevent crises and to foster appropriate care environments.

Well-being and enhancing the variables associated with it (resilience, social support, and self-efficacy) may have a protective effect on the psychological state of caregivers. It can also help to identify high-risk caregivers, guide them on how to improve problem management, acquire coping strategies and life skills, and reduce their emotional burdens. These aspects should be considered for the development of future training and respite programs, supported by public social services.

About Dr. Fraser:
Dr. Kimberly Fraser, RN, PhD has extensive clinical practice and leadership in nursing and health care. Dr. Fraser led a research program in family caregiving and home care using innovative and arts-based approaches in her former roles as a professor (University of Alberta) and Clinician Scientist-Home Care (Alberta Health Services). She uses applied research to incite public conversations and inform policy for better outcomes for home care clients and family caregivers. A nurse entrepreneur, Kim owned a successful home care company, We Care Home Health Services Edmonton, and licensed private vocational school with her husband and business partner, Don. Kim has been active on several boards, specifically those that represent home care and family caregiving. Currently, she is a Board Member with Caregivers Alberta. 

Resources Mentioned:
The Accidental Caregiver: Stories of Triumphs and Challenges of Intimate Family Caregivers
A Care Planning Book (companion resource)

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