Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!

#108 - Learn on the Mat, Apply It In Life | Kim Tang (Vina Arnaiz Crianza Rioja)

May 01, 2023 Dr. Laurena White Season 8 Episode 108
Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!
#108 - Learn on the Mat, Apply It In Life | Kim Tang (Vina Arnaiz Crianza Rioja)
Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!
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Show Notes

While most people take up yoga training for its physical benefits, the practice of yoga can benefit us in various other ways. Yoga is deeply rooted in spirituality and many of the postures have deeper objectives that go beyond simple stretching and strengthening of muscles. The holistic effect that is attained through yoga enables practitioners to not only improve their physical strength and flexibility, but also their emotions, mentality and concentration.

This ancient science goes far beyond the mere physical aspects, by way of deepening the connection between mind, body and most important of all, the spirit. The spiritual aspect of yoga can help yogis develop integration of the inner being as well as oneness with the Supreme Consciousness. And it all starts with the body and the asanas or postures.

In yoga, the nature and environment that surrounds us is essential, witnessed in the many Sanskrit and English terms for asanas (postures) that are derived from animals and plants, and that pertain to their special characteristics or qualities, such as the Lotus for example. Apart from these, some receive their inspiration from the Earth and others have their roots in ancient spirituality. However, each name has a deeper, hidden meaning.

About Our Guest:
When Kim Tang first discovered yoga, a fire was lit within her that has inspired her to inspire others and empowered her to empower others in their ability to expand and transform their minds, their bodies, their relationships with themselves, and the consciousness with which they conduct not only their practice, but also their lives.

As an internationally reputed Master Yoga Teacher and Head Coach of International Yoga Sports Federation, Public Speaker, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, and Breath Work Facilitator, Kim leads trainings and seminars, teaches at trainings, and holds private sessions, spiritual consults, retreats, and worldwide e-learning / online courses. She equips, empowers, and supports people in their relative expansion!

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Yucca Shala

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