Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!

#126 - The Possibilty of Reimagination | Dr. O'Shan Gadsden (4 Estaciones of Autumn Malbec)

October 16, 2023 Dr. Laurena White Season 9 Episode 126
Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!
#126 - The Possibilty of Reimagination | Dr. O'Shan Gadsden (4 Estaciones of Autumn Malbec)
Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!
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Show Notes

Psychological health is a complex interaction of the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health. Possessing strength and resiliency in these dimensions can maintain your overall well-being and help you weather the storms of life.

In sum, psychologically healthy people possess emotional, mental, social, and spiritual resiliency. Resilient individuals have the ability to overcome challenges from minor disappointments to major tragedies and the typical life obstacles we often face. They usually respond to challenges and frustrations in appropriate ways, despite occasional slips. When they do slip, they recognize it, are kind to themselves rather than engaging in endless self-recrimination, and take action to rectify the situation.

About Our Guest:
Dr. Gadsden is an applied psychologist who is currently the Associate Professor and the Psychology Department Chair at Hampton University. Dr. Gadsden brings over 20 years of clinical, teaching, training, consultation, and research experience. He received his MA in clinical psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University and his PhD in counseling psychology from Howard university with a focus in Black masculinity development. His research/writing/clinical expertise has been focused on the mental-emotional-cultural-spiritual health of minoritized populations, and Black males specifically.  Dr. Gadsden's varied clinical/training experiences treating under-served populations from a relational-cultural psychoanalytic lens; commitment to both the integration of spirituality, social justice, community-action within a clinical and professional context; and scholarship and research agendas framed within both constructivist and decolonized lens has made his work both psychological, cultural, and political in scope. 

Currently, Dr. Gadsden is a part of the JustHealBro Tour where he and other Black men visit colleges and communities in various states/cities and start the conversation with Black males only around such topics as: trauma and masculinity development and its implication in various dimensions of their lives; all with the goal of reflexivity and healing. Dr. Gadsden recently served as co-editor for a special series within the Journal of Black Sexuality & Relationships exploring issues related to Black male trauma and identity from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Dr. Gadsden is working on a book manuscript entitled, "A Decolonized paradigm of Healing for Black Men: Expanding the Vision of Black Masculinities."

Resources Mentioned:
The Black Psychologist Podcast
Just Heal Bro
A Black Theology of Liberation
Community Healing Days
Dr. Wade Nobles
Dr. Na'im Akbar

Connect with Dr. Gadsden:

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